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Time is money.  Your municipal employees can return to their jobs freed from the burden of managing wireless carrier applications.  Not feeling it yet?  You will.  Experts estimate for every traditional cell site, new technology will require as many as twelve separate installations.

Munisite works for you to ensure uniformity and compliance in carrier applications and offers drastically improved communications services to your town without the traditional cell site blight.

The future of communications has arrived.  Munisite is uniquely positioned to relieve New Jersey’s municipal resources of the onus of handling the impending voluminous applications from wireless carriers as they attempt to deploy their 5G networks.

Munisite handles all wireless installation applications, offers a variety of installation options, including modern and visually appealing street furniture, and replacement wood poles.

With a combined wireless development experience of over 60 years, Munisite is your resident expert.

Click Here to Download the 5G Ordinance Your Town Needs to Adopt!

How We Help You

Munisite will handle all applications for wireless installations in your municipal spaces – sidewalks, intersections, parks.  Think of us as a service manager.  In order to sustain modern technological improvements, cell sites are getting smaller and closer to the customer (your residents), but a lot more of them are required.


We provide this service to the municipality free of charge. It’s hard enough for most municipal staffs to handle one or two traditional cell site applications in a year. Think of handling ten or twelve for each carrier!


Everyone wants better service but no one wants to see the tower. We don’t either! We offer an array of proprietary designs for the structures that will house the equipment – from decorative lightpoles and smart kiosks in downtown areas, parks, and bustling hubs, to wood pole replacement on residential streets, we have the solution that will make your residents happy without having to see the ugly cell sites of the past.

Delivering the future to your doorstep

People hear about wireless devices, carriers and cell sites and think of the phone calls or accessing Facebook at the bus stop. We can provide so much more:

  • Public WiFi
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Security Cameras
  • Interactive touch screens to use for whatever your town desires – advertising local businesses, paying for parking, directions to parks and ball fields, and much more

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at anytime. We will try our hardest to return any questions as soon as possible!

Matt Watkins

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